Programmer and Creative Problem Solver.

I grew up loving two things most in the world: science and building stuff. I have always had a big imagination and an aptitude for using my creativity. What drew me to science as a child was curiosity and the appreciation for the natural world around me. There were things to see and problems to solve. My hobbies include sewing, guitar, programming, birding, board games, mountain biking, reading and playing outside.

Sewing is one of my longest-lived hobbies, and is logical and sequential such as programming. What drew me to building websites was the desire to make a simple site to display my crafts. I couldn't find the template I wanted in Wordpress so I decided to learn how to make a static site. I used bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and jekyll site generator to build my first site. I found myself wanting to spend more time working on my site, and dreaming of how to improve it. It was then I realized I wanted to do this full time. I began teaching myself to code and built small programs and websites. Years later, I am working as a developer, getting to work on challenging problems such as microservices, scalability, authorization, and more.

When I'm not programming, you'll find me:

  • sewing
  • biking on road or trail
  • birding
  • petting dogs
  • playing board games (Ricochet Robots is my favorite)

Don't see the skill you are looking for? I can learn it.

  • Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, JQuery Frameworks
  • Ruby on Rails, ReactJS Testing
  • RSpec, Jest, Enzyme Tools
  • Storybook, Webpack, Docker, Sentry, Git, Github, Chrome Extensions Project Management
  • JIRA

Curious? Learn more about my skills as a developer!