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03 Mar 2020 » rails, terminal, git

A collection of tips I’ve collected over the years


bundle update --conservative

bundle 1.0.22 install

force ruby to use this version of bundler gem install bundler 1.17.2 -v	install a bundler version

terminal ps -ef

‘process status’

finds all processes running on computer

| grep pipe to grep, finds word in associated file or command ps -ef | grep puma kill -9 kill process kill -9 15140

git log –all –grep=”" filter commits git log --all --grep="event stream" git branch -D `git branch --list '*'` remove branches starting with .. git branch -D `git branch --list 'SN*'`

tail -f path/to/log

watch the log	tail -f log/development.log

when yarn lock has merge conflicts git rebase origin/master

git checkout origin/master – yarn.lock yarn install

git add yarn.lock git rebase –continue